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Attempt your Favorite Man vs. Food Challenge & Share your Experience or eating tips to win it all

We have organized all of the Man v Food Eating Challenges for your convenience!

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Amarillo, TX 72-oz. steak challenge
Memphis, TN The Sasquatch Hamburger
Pittsburgh, PA Atomic Hot Wings Challenge
Columbus, OH 2.5 pound Dagwood Sandwich
Austin, TX Don Juan El Taco Grande
Chicago, IL 3 Overstuffed Sandwiches
Atlanta, GA 11-pound Carnivore Pizza
Boston, MA 12-pound Eagle's Burger
New York, NY Spicy P'haal
New Orleans, LA 15 dozen oysters
Portland, OR Great Balls of Fire
Seattle, WA Southwestern Exposure
Los Angeles, CA Special No. 2
St. Louis, MO Malt Milkshake
San Jose, CA SmokeEaters Hot Wings
Denver, CO 7-pound monster breakfast burrito
Research Triangle, NC 17 hot dogs
Minneapolis, MN Meterbratwurst
San Antonio, TX Four Horsemen Challenge
Las Vegas, NV Big Badass Burrito
Charleston, SC Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Challenge
San Francisco, CA Kitchen Sink Challenge
Durham, NC 2009 Doughman race
Honolulu, HI 4lbs of Pancakes
Sarasota, FL Fire in Your Hole
Philadelphia, PA Ultimate 5lbs Cheesesteak
Baseball, SPECIAL Fifth Third Burger
Springfield, IL Extra-Spicy Firebrand Chili
Boise, ID Johnny B. Goode Challenge
Washington, DC Colossal Challenge
Baltimore, MD Great Steak Challenge
Detroit, MI 190lb Team Burger Challenge
Brooklyn, NY Suicide Six Wing Challenge
Anchorage, AK Kodiak Arrest Challenge
Little Rock, AR Shut-Up Juice Challenge
Tucson, AZ O.M.G. Burger
New Brunswick, NJ Fat Sandwich Challenge
Hartford, CT Stuffed-Pizza Challenge
San Diego, CA Broken Yolk Iron Man Challenge
Boulder, CO West End Wing King Challenge
Cleveland, OH Melt Challenge
Richmond, VA Stupid Wings Challenge
Salt Lake City, UT Six Pieces Level 7 Roll
Phoenix, AZ Ultimate Slider Challenge
Puerto Rico, Island Vaca Acosta Challenge
Long Island, NY Davy Jones Locker Challenge
Oklahoma City, OK Fried Catfish Challenge
Kansas City, MO Ultimate Destroyer Challenge
Indianapolis, IN Big Ugly Burger Challenge
Jersey Shore, NJ Ludicrous Wings Challenge
Syracuse, NY Frittata Challenge
Portland, ME 5-pound Manimal Challenge
Niagara Falls, NY 7-pound Italian Challenge
Butte, MT Jumboli Challenge
Sacramento, CA Knucklehead Challenge
Des Moines, IA Adam Emmenecker Challenge
Knoxville, TN El Gigante Comida Challenge
Ann Arbor, MI Mount Nacheesmo Challenge
New Haven, CT Caseus Cheese Truck Challenge
Tampa Bay, FL Davy Jones Hot Wing Challenge
Nashville, TN Big Roost Challenge
Tulsa, OK Incinerator Pizza Challenge
Albuquerque, NM Travis on a Silver Platter Challenge
Mobile, AL Wintzell's Oyster Challenge
Florida Keys, FL Conch Fritter Challenge
Gulf Coast, USA Muffaletta Sandwich Challenge
Louisville, KY Comfy Cow Sundae Challenge
Portsmouth, NH Slapshot Challenge
Milwaukee, WI The Unforgiven Challenge
Providence, RI The Hot Wiener Challenge
Dallas, TX The Super Pho Challenge
Route 66, USA Puffy Taco Challenge
Harlem, NY Squealer Challenge
Pacific Coast Highway, USA The Brahma Bull Challenge
Street Eats, USA White Rabbit Burrito Challenge
St. Paul, MN Lucifer Challenge
Cincinnati, OH 110 Reuben Challenge
Rochester, NY Atomic Bomb Challenge
Omaha, NE Pig Wing Challenge
Green Bay, WI Gravedigger Challenge
Savannah, GA Voodoo Challenge
Feast, SPECIAL Leg of Beast Challenge
Oahu, HI Moose Omelet Challenge

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