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Spicy Lucifer Burger Challenge

Adam visited the city of St. Paul for this challenge ... during Season 4 Episode 18

Are you interested in attempting the eating challenges as seen on Man v Food by Adam Richman?

Tin Cup

The Foods Nation along with Adam in two head to the great city of St. Paul to find the greatest food locations around! With so many options it was hard to nail down a competition location, but they found it!

The challenge this week is The Lucy Challenge, otherwise referred to as the Lucifer Challenge! In essence, two spicy burgers stuffed with pepper jack cheese as well as jalepeno peppers dipped in a Lucifer hot sauce! In addition, 2 pounds of fries for a combined challenge weight of 5lbs! All this in 45 minutes to be the champ!

1220 Rice St, St. Paul, MN 55117

Lucifer Challenge

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