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5 pound Moose Egg & Potato Omelet Challenge - Man vs Food

Adam visited the city of Oahu for this food eating challenge ... watch Season 4 Episode 25

Are you interested in attempting the eating challenges as seen on Man v Food by Adam Richman?

Moose McGillycuddys Pub & Cafe

In such a beautiful climate and perfect location such as Hawaii.. it would be strange to think to do anything else but to take in the sun, drink and beach! BUT not Adam and crew, who set out to find their eating challenge!

They stumbled into one of the most infamous eating challenges of all time on any island, the Moose Omelet Challenge! This includes a total of 5 pounds to consume in just under one hour.. how does 12 eggs with potatoes sound?

310 Lewers St, Honolulu, HI 96815

Moose Omelet Challenge

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