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Adam Richman

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Browse the full list of the restaurants and locations visited by Adam Richman in Richmond - Virginia!

Adam visited the Richmond in the State of Virginia in ...

Season 3 Episode 4

Richmond Main Man vs. Food Challenge


It was once again another hot wings challenge by the name of Stupid Wings Challenge! The task was to consume eight massive hot wings drenched in pure heat and extracts!

Well in stunning fashion, man was once again successful as he ate all eight wings in the 30 allowed minutes.. even though he was ready to call it quits at the 7th wing!


2922 Park Ave., Richmond, VA 23221

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The Black Sheep


901 W. Marshall St.,
Richmond, VA 23220
Buz & Neds Real BBQ

... BBQ

1119 North Blvd.,
Richmond, VA 23230

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